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    Today, we are talking a story about:my husband is a jerk, and I steal my besties boyfriends.
    In the beginning, our Actress, Rose, was a pretty housewife, her life is simple, doing house works, or chitchat with her girlfriends in the day time. At night, making love with her husband. Oh my god, she must be the most happiness woman.
    let enjoy…
    No——that was just a Korean joke. Rose watches her husband who is sleeping like a dead pig disappointedly. Then she starts teasing her husband.
“Axiba, what are you doing?! you waked me up!”
“But I want——”
“No! I am so tired! just let me sleep! ok?”
Rose lies down vapidly, but meanwhile, her jerk husband is texting the other woman.
    Another day, Rose goes to a party, and she finds her crush in school time. his name is Jack, and jack is also attracted to Rose, chat her up with a cup of beer. Rose feels happy and a little bit melted.
    After-party, everyone goes back, Rose to take a taxi but jack gets in the car also: “it’s hard to get a taxi now, can we share the ride? “
    The second day, rose’s bestie, we called her Miss B: “hey rose I just made a handsome boyfriend recently, you wanna go diner with us tonight?
    What a coincidence! Miss B’ boyfriends is Jack, both of them are surprised, but still pretend not to know each other. “Congratulations and happy for you”. Rose says. meanwhile, she recalls the good old days between Jack during school time. what a sweet memory!
    At night, Jack does his job as usual, but this time, he feels not attentively like before, miss B also asks him what’s the matter, you are not mighty like before?
    Jack doesn’t know it either, maybe there is someone else already in his mind.
    Another day, these two pairs of couples go for afternoon tea. Miss B always despise Rose’s jerk husband. And actually——he surely is. You see he find a hot girl in the upstairs, she might be the mistress, and the jerk immediately.stand up and rush out. Then they have sex in the washroom drastically. And continue to ignore Rose at night.
    Rose goes to a bar, by the way, Miss b is the boss here. Still coincidence, Jack also comes in, although Miss B is lovey dovy. they start to seduce each other with eyes wink. coincidently again, Miss B gonna handle some stuff outside. she passes the car key to Jack and asks him to send Rose back home. finally, man and woman can stay alone, you guess what jack gonna do? just drive and send rose back home? of course not. they went to a blossoming park, dating, shooting——em——I mean the photos.
    At last, Jack finally asks: how bout we go back to the bar and have a drink?
    Yeah, they really do. you all know what gonna happen after the door was closed right?
    As you guys wish, they start to kiss. But take a good look at Rose, she is resisting, and gradually, she starts to enjoy——
    So do we now…
    Oh yeah——what a mess. the hostess is back and knocking the door. inside there is a man and a woman, staring at the door.
“What we gonna do jack?”  “I don’t know”
“Does she know we are here?”  “I don’t know.”
    The time is freezing, it’s finally quiet outside after a century. Alert lifted, nobody gonna stop us, let’s change a place, and tonight, you are mine.
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    Another day, those two couples dinner again, keep drinking and gather at home after the meal, Jack keep ogling Rose when she is doing housework. finally, he walks to Rose and starts his teasing.
“What are you doing?! There are people out there.”
“I don’t care, there is nothing can stop me kissing you except the air between us.”
“No jack, stop, don’t.”
“em——don’t stop jack, don’t stop.”
    Suddenly, the jerk husband just wakes up and goes to the kitchen.
    Time is freezing again, the situation is more dangerous and they just pray for the husband not to see their position. Luckily, the prayer fulfilled, they are successfully invisible again.
“Wait, what are you doing?”
“I am getting my dress.”
“No way…let’s finish it.”
“Well…ok, enjoy yourself.”
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    After a big fight, the man fell asleep, the woman closes the door and goes back.
    The next day, the woman wants to end this improper relationship and break up with the man.
“what’s happened? Are you kidding me?”
“I am serious and, goodbye.”
“No please, don’t leave me.”
    The woman shakes off his hand, “only when you become a single man.” and go out straight.
    “Axiba!” the man at a loss. drink a cup of beer, go back, and fuck her girlfriend miss B for a vent. em…why I feel miss B is so pitty now?
    Well, miss B may also find there is something wrong with her boyfriend.
“You are no longer mighty like before.”
“What? what the hell are you saying?”
“I said your dick is getting smaller and softer.”
    Those words make Jack very angry, he turns around and goes find Rose straightly. Now rose is cleaning house again
“Hey, Rose, I know you are in there. open the door I have something serious need to ask you.”
Rose opens the door, and Jack walks into the house angrily.
“What the hell is going on with you?”
“Miss B said she is getting tired of my dick, how about you?”
“Well, I still like it.”
“Thank god baby, I love you so much, please don’t leave me anymore. And please tell her my dick is not soft and small.”
“Sure I promise you.”
“So you are dating with Jack now, ha?”
“Yeah, he makes me comfortable.”
“Well….so congratulations”
    In the end, rose finally shows her hand to her husband:”we are both having an affair. we’d better end this and set me free please.”
“You are free now.”
“Thank you damn ass, she can not wait anymore.”
“Jack, I am going to live with you forever”
Finally, congratulations, lover get married.
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